Tuesday, 1 February 2011

UV Mapping Tutorial

After the success of my Cornelius model for the first Industry Exercises unit, I have now begun a new unit called Industry Exercises 2.  This unit will involve choosing a specific subject area that I am keen to improve on or specialise in and then to produce a tutorial on the subject, that can be easily understood by a beginner of animation.  I will also need produce a Project Schedule for this unit, using a program called Shotgun, so I will be able to prioritise certain tasks and organise my time better.

For this tutorial project, I was initially stuck between two specialist areas of animation; UV Mapping and Rigging.  This is because rigging and texturing are two areas that I am considering specialising in.  After discussing the options with Jared, I ultimately decided to do my tutorial on UV Mapping.  We came to this conclusion because I told Jared that even though I am better at rigging; I enjoy the texturing more and I want to become more proficient at this.

My tutorial on UV Mapping is probably going to involve a texturing something organic like a human head and this will most definitely involve creating a texture in Photoshop and aligning the UVs in the UV Texture Editor in Maya.  Rather than producing a whole new model, I will probably download a good quality model from the website to texture and UV Map, such as Creative Crash.

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