Thursday, 24 February 2011

Second Job: Texture Artist at Framestore CFC

The second job that I would like to have in the Animation industry, and one that I will be analysing my own abilities and development against is a Texture Artist Job at Framestore CFC.  This is not an entry job or junior job, strictly speaking, but there does not seem to be any junior or entry level jobs within Texturing.  Here is the advertisement from Framestore's web site.

If you are interested in future roles within the Framestore Texture Team please register your details.

Candidates should have the ability to create painterly textures from traditional painted reference material, creating both organic and hard surface textures. The successful candidate will be a flexible, creative artist with the proven ability to meet deadlines.

Skills Required:

Extensive knowledge of Photoshop
Experience in a 3D paint package
Ability to work within a team of other texture artists
Feature experience would be an advantage
Traditional arts background would be preferred

To apply for these roles you should apply online and include a link to you portfolio showing your texture work; test renders, or images of UV maps/projection maps.

The skills listed here are largely technical ones, such as extensive knowledge of Photoshop and experience in Photoshop.  I definitely have knowledge of Photoshop and I have used the software in many of my pieces over the years.  I am not sure if I would say that I have extensive knowledge yet, as I am still learning.  During this unit, I am hoping to create a realistic skin texture in Photoshop for a UV Mapping tutorial, so this should give me confidence.

As for 3D Paint, I have only dabbled with the 3D Paint that is built into Maya very briefly.  I am not very familiar with 3D Paint software so this will probably be a research job for me to do.

The advertisement also specifies a traditional arts background; that also includes using reference material to create organic and hard surface textures.  I definitely have an arts background, as I stated in the previous post; but I need to make a point of doing more painting again.  It is something that I have always enjoyed and that I will need to keep up.  Part of the reason why I am keen to be a texture artist is because something that people have always said about my artwork is that I have a good eye for colour and I think that if I was to just learn some more of the technical skills involved, I could do pretty well if I applied these creative qualities to CGI work.

This job, just like the Character Animator job and any other job within the industry, will challenge my ability to create high quality artwork, and meet tight deadlines.  The Post Production project and my UV Mapping tutorial project will test my ability to meet deadlines and I will need to document my deadlines using Shotgun.

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