Friday, 25 February 2011

3D Paint

I have started to investigate 3D paint software, to improve my texturing skills.  I have started with the 3D Paint feature in Maya, and I found this tutorial, which I followed to see what the 3D Paint tool can do.

Here is an image of a test I did with the 3D Paint tool on the head model that I am using for the tutorial.  As you can tell, I will need more practice with the 3D Paint, but I got the hang of it fairly quickly
In this first test, I just used a paintbrush that I coloured with a beige skin colour tone and I then painted hair using one of the many paint brushes that are built into Maya.

Here is another test, which I did using a flesh textured paint brush.  A little unsettling, this one.

So I have learnt the basics of 3d Painting.  I just need to discover some specific 3D Paint software to broaden my knowledge, but as of yet, I do not know of any top of the range ones.

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