Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Analysing the brief

Initially, I had some confusion about the purpose of this blog and how it fits in with the unit.  I had looked through the brief a few times but I was unsure if this blog was supposed to be fully interlinked with the tutorial project or not.  This is why the first three posts have been focused on the construction of my tutorial, and did not say much about how what I have learnt fits with my employability.

After having a discussion with Jared, he explained that I should find an entry level job in the industry and analyse the requirements of that job against my own skills.  I will therefore be bringing work from other projects into this blog which I will analyse and contrast with the requirements in the job that I choose.

The two main jobs that I will look for are Animator or Texture Artist as these are two career paths that I am considering going into.  I should be able to link the information that I posted up previously to these jobs fairly easily.  I think it is also a good idea to study more than one job path because I will be broadening my skills and knowledge across several areas of animation.

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